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Frannie Faith

Meditation Teacher, Singer-Songwriter

The world has changed so much, and many families and friends have been divided recently. More than ever, we need to find ways to come together, to heal, to be understanding of each other’s beliefs, and, at the very least, to be open to listening. We can heal.

Meditation, music, prayer, dance, the arts, running, walking in nature, being with loved ones, and having gratitude for each moment bring us equanimity and teach us compassion. Reducing stress and anxiety is the key to getting in touch with our true nature—being loving, elevating our awareness to know we are all in this together, and helping one another. The body is so temporary, and we can easily get caught up in earthly desires and forget to check in with the wisdom of our heart, allowing the soul to guide us through our actions, thoughts, and words, the legacy we leave behind.

Along my journey, I have found meditation, music, and prayer to be sweet, gentle ways to grow and deal with life’s everyday stress and anxiety. Meditation can be as simple as a quiet place to learn to destress, refocus the busy mind, and connect with your breath. Or, you can go deeper and learn to live with an attitude of gratitude, loving kindness, compassion, and acceptance. Through regular practice, meditation offers the potential gift of wisdom, mindful awareness, non-reactivity, and a deepening connection to nature, one’s true self, one another, all living beings, and a power greater than ourselves that I call G-d. It is through this lens that I share my music, an extension of my spiritual practices. I hope it brings you peace.


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What People are Saying...

“Frannie Faith is the real deal. People are sitting in her guided meditation and then she begins to sing: one by one they sneak open their eyes because they can't believe what they're hearing is an actual person and not a recording. Frannie's hard won wisdom is woven in her every word. She is a gift to me and everyone she touches.”

Nancy Slonim Aronie, Founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop

& Writing From the Heart

“Frannie Faith's music touches my heart in the most genuine way. The vibration that comes through her voice has such purity and subtle power, and her songs are truly healing. Thank you, Frannie. The love that you express through sound is a gift to us all.”

Carrie Grossman, Spiritual Singer-Songwriter

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