Artist of the Heart

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My healing journey led me to write the songs on this CD. I kept a digital mini recorder with me to catch my melodies and lyrics as they came to me during this very creative yet challenging time. The inspiration came from many places; as I took walks that connected me to nature, after a meditation deepening my connection to God, after learning and then practicing what I took home from teachers, workshops, books and CDs deepening my awareness of living mindfully. They came from a place of truth, from the heart and beyond, from a place of quiet, inner peace, gratitude and joy.

The present moment is where I find inner peace and I am always in the present moment when I sing, connecting to the breath, breathing in and breathing out. Singing puts me in a place of deep love and gratitude.

I so happy to share this CD with you.

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Credits & Artwork

Artist of the Heart

  1. Inner Sound 4:35

  2. One light 3:54

  3. Rock me In the Cradle 5:30

  4. Artist of My Heart 5:25

  5. Gate Gate 4:47

  6. Open Your Heart 4:21

  7. Mother Earth 4:46

  8. Peace in the World 5:59

ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY Frannie Faith except

4 & 8 by Frannie Faith & Jeff Southworth

Gate Gate lyrics- The Perfection of Wisdom-Heart Sutra


ALL SONGS ARRANGED by Jeff Southworth


2, 6 &7 RECORDED BY Jeff Southworth at JAM Entertainment Studio

1, 3, 4,5 & 8 RECORDED by Michael Terry at The Music Lab

1 BACKGROUND VOCALS RECORDED by John Squicciarino at Crushing Music

MASTERED by Michael Terry at The Music Lab


Jeff Southworth- All programming and guitars 1-8
Michael Terry- piano on 3 & 5
Robin Batteau- violin on 8

Background vocals:
Frannie Faith 1-8  Sharon Bryant 1,3,4,7,8  Alan Southworth 1,2,7 Jeff Southworth 1,3,4,7,8 Robin Batteau 8

BACKGROUND VOCALS ARRANGED by Jeff Southworth except Gate Gate by Michael Terry

CD PACKAGE DESIGN- front, back and booklet photos by James Southworth

Tray photo by Cheryl Simpson.

All rights reserved.