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“I love Frannie's beautiful voice and music! I play it in my yoga classes all the time, and many students ask me who it is. Sweet, soulful, and wonderful. Thanks for helping to make my classes special for me and my students, Frannie!”
Jennifer Reis, Creator of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra & Five Element Yoga®

“I think my favorite song is Gate Gate—Frannie's vocals soar like a bird released from a cage on a freed heart.”
Sharon Gannon, Founder of Jivamukti Yoga/Singer/Musician

“These exquisite songs find places inside you didn't know you had; there be magic here.”
Robin Batteau, Singer/Songwriter/Violinist


“Frannie Faith’s voice is a mirror of her soul...innocent and pure.”

Eric Harry, Calm Radio

Photo by Rich Shelton

“When I think a certain song is my favorite, another takes its place. Frannie’s songs lift your spirit….”

Gary Goldberg, WRPI 91.5 FM


“Frannie Faith's music is a beautiful celebration of the divine energy within each of us. Thank you, Frannie, for sharing your gift and for helping us to remember in such a loving medium that we are always held up in the light of the universal!”

Jeanine Oburchay, Yoga Instructor

“The songs are all powerful, positive and all sung with her inimitable style, like an angel whispering the truth in your ear.”

Jeff Webb, Professor/Artist/Musician

Thank heavens for Frannie. I am always on the move because of my career as a busy realtor, which at times can be very stressful. I've hosted her mediation sessions and yoga nidra classes with her magnificent healing music in my home multiple times. I’ve also attended them elsewhere. I feel the stress of the day melt away and am able to breathe and relax, with her guidance. I'll say it again. Thank heavens for Frannie.

Laurie Crouse, Realtor

I have been a massage instructor for 18 years, and I have had Frannie present a meditation and chakra sound healing class to every group that I taught. It was always an anticipated class, often with staff and administrators attending! Frannie has a gentle, soothing presence and immediately connects with the group. The experience always enriches me and my students. I highly recommend her as a group facilitator to introduce meditation.

Nanette Ginise, LMT

In the spirit of Elul preparation for the High Holy Days, Frannie led a group of friends and family in meditation and song at an event I hosted in my home. She immediately connected to all the women, who found her words and music inspiring. Even more meaningful, each woman connected to the others in the group, and most likely to her own deeper feelings as well. It was a retreat in the truest sense of the word, for a room in my home was transformed into a sanctuary of love and peace. It was spiritually uplifting, leaving everyone refreshed, renewed, and ready to continue on her journey into the new year. A new tradition has started with this remarkable event, and I hope to continue it in the years to come.

Wendy Engel

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