Rock Me in the Cradle

Meditation and Healing Music was a beautiful concert at the Norfield Grange in Weston CT on May 21, 2010. We started with a group, guided meditation and when I asked how many people had never meditated, many hands went up. It was wonderful. I was so happy to share meditation with new and old meditators. The feedback was great. One of my friend's moms said that she had tried to get her husband to meditate for 40 years and he had been resistant and really enjoyed the meditation. Another friend told me that she hadn't told her husband about the meditation part of the evening because she thought he wouldn't want to come, and after trying it at the concert, he is now using a guided meditation CD at home. The music was lovely. My husband Jeff, my dear friends Sharon Bryant and Chris Coogan played the music from my CD with me. At the end of the concert my son Alan joined us as well. People left there feeling very upbeat, connected to their own hearts and others'.

Bring Up the Vibration

I Am You

Filmed in HD at Yoga Space Feb 2011

Gate Gate

Filmed with Flip camera at Ananda Ashram, January 2011

Waiting on the World

I organized an amazing concert that took six months of preparation, for Bhante Wimala's humanitarian causes. Eighteen fabulous musicians volunteered their time, love and energy including my family. It was an amazing evening. Bhante started us off with a group meditation with 300 people participating in my local Town Hall!!!! Then he showed a video on his humanitarian work that my son James edited together for him. The concert was everything  we all hoped it would be. We raised $14,000 thanks to all of the musicians, everyone who came to support us, and a generous donor who doubled the amount raised!!!!